Hey there! In this video titled “GAME OVER: I Quit! | EXTREME MINIMALISM” by Craig, he discusses various aspects of his minimalist lifestyle. Craig starts by talking about his experience with quitting coffee due to dehydration and how he later reintroduced it, resulting in joint pain. He emphasizes his desire to be the best version of himself, rather than striving for fame or acquiring possessions. Craig also touches on the concept of competition, comparisons to other well-known minimalists, and the impact of toxic relationships on his well-being. Overall, he shares his journey of decluttering, prioritizing his tasks, and finding contentment in his minimalist life.

As Craig delves into the topic, he reflects on his own growth and progress, without trying to emulate or compete with others. He encourages authenticity, gratitude for comments and criticism, and the importance of living each day to the fullest. Craig acknowledges the challenges along the way, the ongoing gas pipe issue near his house, and the constant presence of tasks to complete. Through it all, he remains determined to stay true to his minimalist values and invites viewers to join him on this journey. So, grab a cup of coffee (or not, if you’re following Craig’s lead!) and join him in exploring the world of extreme minimalism.


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Craig’s Journey to Extreme Minimalism

Getting off coffee and experiencing joint pain

In his video, Craig shares his experience of getting off coffee for about a month and a half due to dehydration during the summer. However, he eventually got back into drinking coffee and noticed that it caused joint pain. He acknowledges that coffee might not be the sole reason for his joint pain, considering his active lifestyle of walking a marathon every two days. Craig mentions that he is getting older but also emphasizes that he is growing sexier with time.

Walking a marathon every two days

Craig mentions his remarkable daily walking routine of completing a marathon distance every two days, covering approximately 13 to 14 miles each day. He shares that this consistent physical activity contributes to his overall well-being, but also acknowledges the toll it can take on his joints as he gets older. Despite the potential challenges, Craig maintains a positive attitude and continues to prioritize his physical health.

Reflections on competition and previous videos

Craig reflects on his previous videos and discusses the theme of competition. He shares that he used playful competition as a satirical element in some of his earlier videos, such as comparing himself to other minimalists through the mirror mirror concept. However, he clarifies that he doesn’t strive to be the best or compete with others. Instead, he values the journey towards being the best version of himself, emphasizing the importance of personal growth and authenticity.

Embracing the Best Version of Myself

Not seeking fame or stipulations in life

Craig openly expresses his disinterest in seeking fame or living a life full of stipulations. He shares that he enjoys living on his own terms, without the pressure of adhering to societal expectations or planning every aspect of his life. For Craig, minimalism is about finding freedom and living a life that aligns with one’s own values and desires.

Comparisons to Rob Greenfield and dealing with attention

Craig addresses the comparisons made between himself and Rob Greenfield, a well-known minimalist figure. While acknowledging their differences, Craig takes a lighthearted approach to the comparisons and appreciates the attention he occasionally receives. However, he reiterates that he is not striving to be like Rob Greenfield or any other well-known minimalist, as he values his own unique perspective and journey.

Minimal possessions and dismissing the importance of counting items

Craig states that he doesn’t focus on counting the number of possessions he owns. He believes that the quantity of items is not what matters in minimalism. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of intentional living and prioritizing possessions that bring value and joy to one’s life. Craig shares that he has around 10 to 20 items, including essentials such as a towel and utensils, but ultimately, he doesn’t see the need to obsess over the number of possessions.

YouTube as a Documentation of Minimalism

YouTube channel as a way to document minimalist life

Craig discusses how his YouTube channel serves as a platform to document his minimalist lifestyle. He mentions that he started the channel to record his personal journey and experiences, rather than to become a well-known personality. Through his videos, Craig aims to share his perspective on minimalism and inspire others to find their own path towards simplicity and intentional living.

Minimalism in every facet of Craig’s life

Craig emphasizes that minimalism is not just limited to material possessions, but also extends to every facet of his life. He mentions that minimalism has become a core principle that guides his decision-making process, relationships, and overall lifestyle. Craig’s commitment to minimalism is evident in the intentional choices he makes to prioritize what truly matters to him and eliminate clutter and toxicity from his life.

Decluttering and removing toxic relationships

Craig highlights the importance of decluttering not only physical belongings but also toxic relationships. He shares that removing a toxic person from his life brought him a sense of relief and improved his overall well-being. Craig encourages others to evaluate and eliminate relationships that no longer serve them, as toxic relationships can have a significant impact on mental and emotional health.

The Never-Ending List of Tasks

Dislike for lists and conquering a long list of tasks

Craig admits to having a dislike for lists and reveals that he recently had to conquer a long list of tasks. He emphasizes the challenges that come with having a never-ending list and the impact it can have on one’s well-being. Despite his dislike for lists, Craig acknowledges the importance of staying on top of tasks and not allowing the list to become overwhelming.

Constant presence of things to do and the impact on well-being

Craig reflects on the constant presence of tasks and responsibilities in life. He explains that having numerous things to do can take a toll on one’s mental and emotional well-being, making it difficult to find peace and balance. Craig shares his personal experience of feeling the weight of a long to-do list and the negative impact it had on him.

Importance of staying on top of tasks and not letting the list grow too long

Despite his dislike for lists, Craig recognizes the importance of staying on top of tasks and not letting the list grow too long. He shares that conquering a long list of tasks can provide a sense of accomplishment and relieve stress. Craig encourages viewers to prioritize their tasks and find a balance between productivity and self-care.


Challenges and Frustrations

Ongoing gas pipe issue and frustration

Craig mentions an ongoing gas pipe issue near his home that has been persisting for a year. He expresses his frustration with the situation and questions why those affected by the issue haven’t taken action to resolve it. While acknowledging that the problem is not directly his responsibility, Craig highlights the importance of proactive problem-solving and addressing issues that impact one’s living environment.

Unique approach to minimalism despite influence from others

Craig acknowledges the influence of other well-known minimalist figures, such as Rob Greenfield and Timber Hawkeye. However, he emphasizes that he has his own unique approach to minimalism. Craig doesn’t conform to specific minimalist standards or techniques but rather explores minimalism in a way that resonates with his personal values and lifestyle.

Encouraging expression of true emotions and opinions

Craig encourages viewers to express their true emotions and opinions without fear or hesitation. He believes that authentic self-expression is a crucial part of personal growth and encourages his audience to embrace their individuality. Craig expresses his own opinions openly in his videos and appreciates constructive criticism, as it helps him refine and improve his content.

Dealing with Comments and Criticism

Gratitude for comments and criticism

Craig expresses his gratitude for the comments and criticism he receives on his videos. He values the feedback from his audience and appreciates the engagement and support. Craig understands the importance of constructive criticism in refining his content and encourages viewers to continue sharing their thoughts and opinions.

Addressing negative comments and productive use of time

While appreciative of feedback, Craig recognizes that negative comments are inevitable. He shares his approach to dealing with negative comments, explaining that he doesn’t let them consume his time or affect his emotional well-being. Craig emphasizes the importance of using time productively and focusing on positive interactions and growth.

True meaning of minimalism beyond possessions and achievements

Craig delves into the true meaning of minimalism, emphasizing that it goes beyond possessions and achievements. He highlights that minimalism is about living each day to the best of one’s ability, finding inner peace, and prioritizing what truly matters. Craig encourages his viewers to embrace minimalism as a way of life that brings freedom, contentment, and personal growth.


The Current State and Determination

Beard growth, sleep, and personal progress

Craig shares some personal updates, mentioning his beard growth and improving sleep patterns. He attributes his quality sleep to removing toxic people from his life and experiencing a sense of relief and contentment. Craig believes that good sleep is essential for overall well-being and suggests it as a valuable practice for his subscribers.

Importance of good sleep and suggesting subscribers

Craig highlights the importance of prioritizing good sleep and suggests it as a beneficial practice for his subscribers. He acknowledges that sleep plays a significant role in overall health and well-being, and encourages his viewers to establish healthy sleep routines to optimize their physical and mental performance.

Urging listeners to do something and do it their best

In a final note, Craig urges his listeners to take action and do something that aligns with their passions and interests. He emphasizes the importance of giving one’s best effort without the pressure of trying to be the absolute best in comparison to others. Craig encourages his audience to focus on personal growth and fulfillment, rather than seeking external validation or competing with others.


Not trying to be like other well-known minimalists

Craig concludes his video by reiterating that he doesn’t aspire to be like other well-known minimalists, such as Rob Greenfield or Timber Hawkeye. He emphasizes his dedication to his own unique approach to minimalism, which is focused on being the best version of himself and living a life that aligns with his values and desires.

Continuing the journey towards extreme minimalism

Craig ends on a note of determination, stating his commitment to continuing his journey towards extreme minimalism. He highlights the progress he has made over time and reflects on the impact minimalism has had on his life. Craig encourages his subscribers to join him on this journey and embrace their own path towards minimalism and intentional living.

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