Living with Purpose: The Art of Minimalist Everyday Carry

Living with Purpose: The Art of Minimalist Everyday Carry is a video by Minimal Victoria, where she shares her extreme minimalist everyday carry. Victoria’s focus is on living a more minimalist lifestyle and carrying fewer belongings. She discusses the various bags she uses, such as a leather bag, a versatile beige bag, and a backpack, and also emphasizes the importance of functionality and simplifying everyday life. Throughout the video, Victoria mentions the essential items she carries, including her phone, keys, and wallet, as well as additional items based on the situation, such as a bottle of water and earphones. She encourages viewers to consider their own essential items and live with purpose in their everyday carry.

In the video, Victoria goes through her everyday carry items, demonstrating how she keeps things minimal and functional. She showcases her favorite bags, like the leather bag and versatile beige bag, discussing their practicality and durability. Victoria explains that she doesn’t carry certain items like hand sanitizer, pads or tampons, notebooks and pens, pills, makeup, and creams, highlighting her minimalist approach. By sharing her personal experience and philosophy, Victoria aims to inspire viewers to simplify their own everyday carry and live with purpose.

Living with Purpose: The Art of Minimalist Everyday Carry

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Choosing the Right Bags

The Importance of Minimalist Bags

When it comes to everyday carry, choosing the right bag is essential, especially if you want to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Minimalist bags are designed to help you carry only the essentials and avoid unnecessary clutter. They focus on functionality, convenience, and simplicity, allowing you to streamline your everyday routine. By opting for minimalist bags, you can reduce the weight you carry, simplify your life, and embrace a more purposeful way of living.

Types of Bags to Consider

There are several types of bags that you can consider for your everyday carry. One option is a leather bag, which is not only stylish but also durable. Leather bags are known for their sturdiness, making them a long-lasting investment. Another option is a versatile beige bag, which offers more space compared to a smaller one. This type of bag is perfect if you need to carry a few extra items with you. Finally, a backpack is always a practical choice, especially if you need to carry larger items or do some shopping. Consider what suits your needs best and choose a bag that aligns with your minimalist goals.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Bags

When choosing a bag for your everyday carry, there are a few factors to consider. Efficiency and convenience should be at the top of your priority list. Look for a bag that has enough compartments or pockets to keep your essentials organized and easily accessible. Consider the size and weight of the bag, ensuring that it is comfortable to carry for extended periods. Additionally, opt for bags made from sustainable materials, such as cotton or recycled materials, to align with your minimalist lifestyle and reduce your environmental impact.

Essential Items for Everyday Carry


Your phone is one of the most essential items for everyday carry. It serves as a communication tool, a source of information, and a portable entertainment device. Make sure to keep your phone charged and have it with you at all times.


Carrying your keys is crucial for accessing your home, car, or workplace. Keeping them in a designated spot in your bag will save you the hassle of searching for them when you need them the most.


Your wallet is where you keep your identification, credit cards, and cash. Make sure to have a slim and functional wallet that can fit easily in your bag without adding unnecessary bulk.

Additional Items for Specific Situations

Water Bottle

A water bottle is essential for staying hydrated throughout the day. Opt for a reusable water bottle to minimize waste and help the environment. Having water on hand is especially important during physical activities or hot weather.


If you enjoy listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, having a pair of earphones is a must. They allow you to enjoy your favorite content wherever you are without disturbing others.


Carrying a handkerchief can be useful in various situations. It can serve as a tissue, a napkin, or a quick clean-up tool. Choose a soft and durable handkerchief made from sustainable materials.

Items to Avoid Carrying

Hand Sanitizer

While hand sanitizer might seem like a practical item to have in your bag, it’s not necessary for everyday carry. In most cases, you’ll have access to soap and water, which is the best way to keep your hands clean and hygienic.

Pads or Tampons

Unless you’re expecting your menstrual cycle or have specific healthcare needs, there’s no need to carry pads or tampons with you every day. Instead, keep a few in your bag during your cycle or at times when you anticipate needing them.

Notebooks and Pens

With the advancement of technology, carrying traditional notebooks and pens is becoming less necessary. Instead, rely on digital note-taking apps or the note-taking capabilities of your phone. This way, you can easily access and organize your notes without the need for physical materials.


Unless you have a specific medical condition that requires regular medication, carrying pills in your everyday bag is unnecessary. It’s best to keep any necessary medication at home or in a safe place that you can access when needed.

Makeup and Creams

While makeup and creams can enhance your appearance and skincare routine, they are not essential items for everyday carry. Simplify your routine by focusing on a few key products or save makeup application for when you’re at home or in a specific social situation.

Living with Purpose: The Art of Minimalist Everyday Carry

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Focusing on Functionality

Efficiency and Convenience

When it comes to choosing items for your everyday carry, prioritize efficiency and convenience. Select items that serve multiple purposes or can easily fit into your bag without taking up too much space. This will help you maintain a streamlined and organized everyday carry.

Prioritizing Essential Items

One of the main goals of minimalism is to prioritize what truly matters. When choosing items for your everyday carry, focus on the essentials that you use regularly. By eliminating non-essential items, you’ll free up space in your bag and simplify your daily routine.

Simplifying Everyday Life

Dealing with Clutter

Living a minimalist lifestyle means actively avoiding unnecessary clutter. To simplify your everyday life, periodically declutter your bag and remove items you no longer need. This will help you stay organized and prevent your bag from becoming overloaded with non-essential items.

Streamlining Your Everyday Routine

Another way to simplify your everyday life is to streamline your routine. Opt for time-saving strategies like meal prepping, creating a capsule wardrobe, or combining errands into one trip. By minimizing the number of tasks and decisions you make each day, you can create more mental space and focus on what truly matters.

Living with Purpose: The Art of Minimalist Everyday Carry

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Consider Your Own Essential Items

Assessing Your Daily Needs

To determine your own essential items for everyday carry, assess your daily needs and routines. Consider the activities you engage in regularly and the items that support those activities. Tailor your everyday carry to your unique lifestyle and preferences.

Identifying Essential and Non-Essential Items

Take the time to identify the items you consider essential versus non-essential. This will help you streamline your bag and ensure that you’re carrying only what you truly need. Regularly reassess your items to avoid unnecessary clutter and maintain a minimalist approach to everyday carry.

Living with Purpose in Everyday Carry

Understanding the Power of Minimalism

Minimalism is a lifestyle that promotes simplicity, purpose, and intentionality. By embracing minimalism in your everyday carry, you can experience the benefits of a clutter-free and organized life. Minimalism encourages you to focus on what truly matters and eliminate distractions, allowing you to live with purpose and intention.

Integrating Purpose into Everyday Life

When choosing items for your everyday carry, consider how they align with your values and goals. Select items that bring you joy, serve a purpose, or enhance your daily life. By integrating purpose into your everyday carry, you can create a sense of fulfillment and make intentional choices that reflect who you are.

Living with Purpose: The Art of Minimalist Everyday Carry

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Embracing Minimalism and Purposeful Living

Choosing the right bags and items for your everyday carry is a personal and individual process. Embrace minimalism and purposeful living by selecting essential items, eliminating non-essential ones, and streamlining your routine. Remember that the goal is not to carry as little as possible, but rather to carry what adds value and significance to your life. By simplifying your everyday carry, you can experience a sense of freedom, organization, and purpose.

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