Everything That I Own 2021 Edition

Hey there! Welcome to the 2021 edition of “Everything That I Own,” a video that showcases the principles of extreme minimalism. This video, brought to you by Craig, the creator of this channel, will give you a glimpse into his minimalist lifestyle. But before we dive into the video, make sure to hit that subscribe button and share this channel with your friends because trust me, there’s something great happening here. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at every single item that Craig owns. From eyeglasses to his trusty water bottle, iPhone, and even his passport, Craig proves that living with just a few possessions is not only doable but also liberating.

I know what you must be thinking: there’s no way one can live with so few belongings. But you’ll be surprised! Craig has been practicing minimalism for over 20 years now, and he can confidently say that this is a comfortable amount of stuff for him at the moment. The secret lies in flexibility. What works for him this year may not be enough next year, and that’s exactly the beauty of minimalism. It’s all about doing what’s best for your life and finding the freedom that comes with it. So, stay tuned for more videos and be sure to do you, just like Craig does. Catch you in the next video!


Eyeglasses are an essential item for me, as I rely on them to see clearly and navigate my daily life. They are not just a necessity, but they also add a touch of style to my overall look. I have one pair of eyeglasses that suits my face shape and personal taste. By owning only one pair, I eliminate the need for multiple frames or lenses, reducing clutter and simplifying my routine.


In today’s world, a face mask has become a crucial item to have. It not only protects me from airborne illnesses but also ensures the safety of those around me. I own a high-quality mask made from comfortable and breathable material. By sticking to one mask, I eliminate the need for multiple variations and make it easier to keep track of my belongings. Plus, I can easily wash and sanitize it, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness.

Everything That I Own 2021 Edition

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As an avid traveler, my passport holds immense value for me. It serves as my gateway to exploring new countries, experiencing different cultures, and creating lifelong memories. I take great care of my passport, keeping it in a secure place and always having a backup copy. By having only one passport, I simplify the process of travel and avoid the hassle of managing multiple travel documents.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining optimal health and well-being. That’s why I always carry a reusable water bottle with me. It not only helps me cut down on single-use plastic waste but also ensures that I have access to clean water wherever I go. By owning just one water bottle, I eliminate the need for disposable alternatives and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Everything That I Own 2021 Edition

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iPhone and Case

My iPhone is my lifeline in today’s digital age. It keeps me connected to the world, enables me to stay organized, and provides entertainment on the go. To protect my iPhone, I have a durable and stylish case that reflects my personality. This case not only safeguards my device from accidental bumps and scratches but also holds my ID and debit card, eliminating the need to carry a separate wallet. By combining functionality and convenience, I streamline my everyday carry items.

Airpods and Charging Cable

For a seamless audio experience, I rely on my Airpods. They provide excellent sound quality, wireless convenience, and a sleek design. With a charging cable, I can keep my Airpods powered up and ready to use whenever I need them. By owning just one pair of Airpods and one charging cable, I simplify my tech accessories and reduce clutter.

Everything That I Own 2021 Edition

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As a content creator, having a reliable and sturdy tripod is essential. It allows me to capture steady shots, create professional-looking videos, and take unique photos. Owning one tripod that meets my specific needs is more than enough for me. It ensures that I have the necessary equipment without overcrowding my workspace or storage area.

Selfie Stick

While some may consider a selfie stick a non-essential item, I find it to be a valuable addition to my minimalistic lifestyle. It enables me to take group photos, capture stunning landscapes, and experiment with different angles. By having one selfie stick, I can expand my creative possibilities without the need for additional photography gear.

Everything That I Own 2021 Edition

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Share Toothbrush

A shared toothbrush may seem unconventional, but it aligns with my minimalist philosophy. By using a single toothbrush for both myself and any potential guests, I eliminate the need for multiple brushes and reduce waste. Of course, hygiene is a top priority, so I ensure proper sanitization and replacement when necessary. Ultimately, it’s about finding a balance between sustainability and practicality.


Living a minimalist lifestyle is all about intentionally choosing what adds value to your life and letting go of unnecessary clutter. By carefully selecting and maintaining my possessions, I have created a streamlined and efficient routine that allows me to enjoy what truly matters. Embracing minimalism has not only brought me a sense of freedom and simplicity but also contributed to a more sustainable and mindful way of living. Remember, minimalism looks different for everyone, so find what works best for you and embrace a life of less.

Everything That I Own 2021 Edition

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