Wife’s Podcast ‘How to Love’: The Minimalists Highlight

In the podcast episode titled “Bulk Purchases,” The Minimalists discuss their thoughts on buying items in bulk. They explore the concept of bulk purchases and its benefits or appropriateness in various situations. The hosts emphasize the importance of considering personal preferences and finding a balance between having enough without cluttering one’s space.

Additionally, the episode addresses click-bait headlines and hit pieces about Minimalism and other topics the hosts enjoy. They discuss whether or not it is worth ignoring such content and provide insights on how to navigate through sensationalized information. The episode also touches upon politely declining family heirlooms and the absence of The Minimalists’ second documentary, “Less Is Now,” on YouTube. Overall, the episode offers valuable insights on living a meaningful life with less and highlights the importance of respectful communication and understanding.

Episode Introduction

Welcome to the minimalist podcast where we discuss what it means to live a meaningful life with less. In this episode, Joshua Fields Milburn and TK Coleman dive into various topics, including buying items in bulk, ignoring click-bait headlines, dealing with family heirlooms, the absence of their second documentary on YouTube, walking lightly based on fear vs. love, and approaching conversations with love. They also provide updates on their Patreon livestream, discuss their wife’s podcast “How to Love,” and share insights and tips from their listeners.

Buying Items in Bulk

The episode starts with a discussion on buying items in bulk. The Minimalists share their thoughts on the topic, emphasizing that we are always buying in bulk to some extent. They explain that when considering bulk purchases, it is essential to think about what is most appropriate for your life and your home. They mention their minimalist rulebook, which includes the “just for win” rule, stating that many bulk purchases are made for future use. The hosts discuss the importance of not cluttering your space and only buying what is necessary and within your available storage. They highlight that abundance can take different forms for different people, such as alone time, convenience, or space. The key is to figure out what kind of abundance brings you joy and aligns with your values.

Wifes Podcast How to Love: The Minimalists Highlight

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Ignoring Click-Bait Headlines

Next, the hosts address the topic of ignoring click-bait headlines and hit pieces. They question whether it’s beneficial to pay attention to such sensationalized content and share their stance on this issue. The Minimalists emphasize the need to avoid getting caught up in the negativity and divisiveness often found in click-bait articles. They encourage listeners to focus on the information and content that aligns with their values and brings value to their lives. They emphasize that it’s essential to be critical consumers of information and to seek out reliable sources instead of getting caught in the cycle of click-bait headlines.

Dealing with Family Heirlooms

The hosts move on to discuss how to politely decline family heirlooms. They acknowledge that this can be a sensitive topic, as these items often hold sentimental value for loved ones. The Minimalists provide tips on maintaining respectful communication during this process, highlighting the importance of expressing one’s personal preferences while considering the feelings of others. They emphasize that open and honest communication is key and that understanding personal preferences can help navigate these conversations with kindness and empathy.

Wifes Podcast How to Love: The Minimalists Highlight

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Absence of ‘Less Is Now’ on YouTube

The episode briefly touches upon the absence of The Minimalists’ second documentary, “Less Is Now,” on YouTube. The hosts explain that the documentary is a Netflix Original and therefore unavailable on YouTube. They mention that to access the documentary, viewers need to watch it on Netflix or other platforms that have distribution rights. While they understand the disappointment some may feel about not finding it on YouTube, they provide alternative ways to access the documentary.

Walking Lightly Based on Fear vs. Love

The concept of walking lightly based on fear is explained, with the hosts using personal examples to highlight the importance of emotional responses. They discuss how fear can often lead to compromises in love and relationships. They emphasize that fear-based decisions and actions hinder personal growth and prevent individuals from living authentically. They encourage listeners to assess their motivations and make choices that align with their values and bring them closer to a life filled with love and fulfillment.

Wifes Podcast How to Love: The Minimalists Highlight

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Approaching Conversations with Love

The importance of approaching conversations with love is emphasized. The Minimalists discuss how fear affects communication and can create misunderstandings and misinterpretations. They emphasize the need for open-mindedness, empathy, and respect when engaging in conversations. By approaching discussions with love and compassion, they believe that individuals can foster healthier and more meaningful connections with others.

Checking in with Patreon

The hosts provide updates on their Patreon platform, including the upcoming livestream events and announcements. They express gratitude for their listeners’ support and invite them to participate in the Minimalist Zoom calls exclusive to Patreon subscribers. They also encourage listeners to share their insights and tips, as the podcast aims to create a sense of community and mutual growth.

Wifes Podcast How to Love: The Minimalists Highlight

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Podcast ‘How to Love’

The hosts discuss their wife’s podcast, “How to Love,” and share details about its content and purpose. They explain that the podcast focused on deep conversations about love, relationships, sex, parenting, and wellness. While initially planning to release five or six episodes, they decided to end the podcast after 59 episodes. They share their reasons for this decision, highlighting the importance of maintaining authenticity and avoiding repetition. They mention that the public version of the podcast is available for free on howtolove.show, while the paid Patreon version offers additional downloadable content and behind-the-scenes insights.


In conclusion, this episode of The Minimalists’ podcast covers a range of topics, providing insights into living a meaningful life with less. From buying items in bulk to ignoring click-bait headlines, the hosts share their thoughts and experiences, emphasizing the importance of making choices and engaging in meaningful communication. They encourage listeners to approach decisions and conversations with love, empathy, and respect. Updates on their Patreon platform and their wife’s podcast offer additional resources and opportunities for engagement. Overall, the episode aims to inspire and empower individuals to embrace minimalism and live a life aligned with their values.