Take a Tour of Our Cozy Minimalist Apartment

Get ready to take a tour of Matt D’Avella’s cozy minimalist apartment. In this video, Matt showcases his apartment while providing inspiration and ideas for keeping your own place simple. As a documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, and YouTuber, Matt shares his expertise and love for self-development throughout the video. From the stylish entryway to the well-utilized kitchen and comfortable living room, Matt demonstrates that minimalism doesn’t mean eliminating all belongings, but rather using them until they are truly unusable. As he guides you through each space, you’ll get a glimpse of his personal style, practical organization tips, and even a peek into his home office. Prepare to be inspired by this warm and inviting minimalist living space.

Matt’s apartment has a unique blend of minimalism and cozy vibes. With a focus on natural sunlight, he shows the importance of functional living spaces without sacrificing comfort. From the unexpected touch of a coat closet to the breakfast nook turned office, every corner has a purpose. He showcases his love for breakfast with a charming breakfast bar and nook, demonstrating that minimalism doesn’t mean giving up on the things you enjoy. Matt’s honesty shines through as he admits to the imperfections and mistakes in his apartment, reinforcing the idea that minimalism is about intentional choices rather than perfection. As you explore each room, you’ll catch a glimpse of his personal style, creative storage solutions, and a reminder that it’s okay to leave some corners empty. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this tour of a minimalist apartment that will inspire you to simplify and create your own cozy living space.

Take a Tour of Our Cozy Minimalist Apartment

Entryway and Breakfast Nook

In this minimalist apartment, the entryway is a well-organized space that sets the tone for the rest of the home. The presence of a coat closet is a small detail, but one that the residents love. It eliminates the need for coats and shoes to be left out in the open, creating a tidy and clutter-free entryway. One unique aspect of the entryway is the adjacent breakfast nook, which has also become a workspace for Natalie. While Matt would have preferred to keep this corner more minimalist, he understands the appeal of a cozy and comfortable spot, especially when there’s a faux fur blanket involved. The breakfast bar adds to the functionality of the kitchen and complements the breakfast nook, reflecting the residents’ love for breakfast and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in the apartment.


The kitchen is the heart of this apartment and is strategically placed in the middle of the space. With plenty of natural sunlight, it is a bright and welcoming area for cooking and gathering. One interesting feature is the presence of the washer and dryer in the kitchen. Although unconventional, it adds a unique aesthetic and reinforces the residents’ commitment to a minimalist lifestyle. The dishes in this kitchen have clearly been well-used, reflecting the philosophy of utilizing items until they are unusable or close to it. Despite their worn appearance, these dishes are held onto for their sentimental value. The assortment of coffee mugs, each with its own story, adds a personal touch to the kitchen. The residents have also implemented drawer organization strategies to keep everything tidy and accessible.

Living Room

The living room is the most frequently used space in the apartment, and the residents have carefully curated it to be both functional and comfortable. The highlight of this room is the spacious couch, providing ample room for activities and relaxation. The TV is mounted on the wall, allowing for flexibility in its placement while still maintaining a clean and minimalist aesthetic. Cable hiders and a white HDMI cable have been used to keep the area looking neat and organized. In keeping with the festive theme of the apartment, a real Christmas tree has been added to the living room. While there was some debate over whether to decorate it minimally or with ornaments, the decision was made to add a touch of holiday cheer. The residents also embrace the concept of empty spaces and understand that not every corner or shelf needs to be filled. This mindset takes the pressure off of decorating and allows the home to truly feel complete.


The bedroom in this minimalist apartment features a simple and cozy design. The color scheme leans towards dark and earthy tones, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Lighting is a key element in the bedroom, and smart light bulbs have been installed to allow for adjustable and dimmable options. This provides a soothing ambiance when getting ready for bed in the evening. While the closet may be small, the residents have managed to fit all of their clothes and belongings by being intentional with their organization. While Matt expresses some regret over a cheap dresser purchase, he understands that mistakes happen and acknowledges the importance of investing in quality items that will last a lifetime.

Take a Tour of Our Cozy Minimalist Apartment


The bathroom in this minimalist apartment is nothing out of the ordinary. It serves its purpose as a functional space for daily routines such as showering and using the toilet. The residents inject a touch of humor by jokingly mentioning drug use, but make it clear that they prioritize a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Home Office

The home office of this apartment is a small and efficient workspace. While it may often be messier than depicted in the tour, the residents have made an effort to tidy it up for guests. The workspace is primarily used by Matt for his video editing and filmmaking. He has implemented creative storage solutions, such as using an Ikea dresser to store equipment and installing garage hooks for stands. With limited space, being intentional and organized is crucial. The size of the office allows for less time spent on decorating and furnishing, enabling Matt to focus on his work.

Take a Tour of Our Cozy Minimalist Apartment

Job Opportunities at Slow Growth

Towards the end of the tour, Matt shares exciting news about job opportunities at his company, Slow Growth. The company has recently made several hires, but there are still three positions open. Matt invites viewers who are interested in working with him and his team to apply for these positions. He provides a link to SlowGrowth.com/hiring for more information and the application process.

Matt D’Avella Newsletter

In addition to job opportunities, Matt also mentions his minimalist-themed newsletter. He describes it as simple and consisting of one-minute reads that provide encouragement for intentional living. Topics covered in the newsletter include self-development, minimalism, and productivity. Matt invites viewers to subscribe by visiting mattdavella.com.


In closing, Matt expresses his hope that viewers have gained inspiration for maintaining a minimalist home throughout the tour. He encourages individuals to apply for job opportunities at Slow Growth if they are interested and to subscribe to his newsletter for weekly doses of encouragement and motivation. Matt’s friendly and relatable tone invites viewers to embrace minimalism and take steps towards intentional living.

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