Nate O’Brien’s New Minimalist Apartment Tour

In Nate O’Brien’s latest video, he takes viewers on a tour of his new minimalist apartment. He begins by disclosing that some of the links in the video description are affiliate links, which means he may earn a commission if viewers click through and make a purchase or subscribe. Nate emphasizes that he is not a financial advisor and the ideas presented in the video are for entertainment purposes only. As he guides viewers through his apartment, he highlights the purpose and practicality behind each item he has chosen. From his comfortable couch and robotic vacuum cleaner called Gary, to the plants and artwork that add color and aesthetics, Nate demonstrates how minimalism can bring mental clarity, save money, and reduce materialism. In addition to his apartment tour, Nate also mentions that he will be creating more videos on productivity, minimalism, and personal finance.

Welcome to Nate O’Brien’s new apartment! In this video, Nate shares his journey and changes made in the past year since he started practicing minimalism. His apartment is kept open and relatively empty, creating a sense of space and freedom. Nate invested in a more comfortable couch and introduced a robotic vacuum cleaner named Gary to help him with cleaning. He also added plants, artwork, and a bowl for organizing his keys to bring color and practicality to his living space. With separate rooms for work and sleep, Nate emphasizes the importance of separating the two to maintain productivity. Throughout the video, Nate showcases how minimalism can save money, reduce materialism, and bring mental clarity. Be sure to stay tuned for more videos on productivity, minimalism, and personal finance!


Nate O’Brien’s New Minimalist Apartment Tour

Welcome to Nate O’Brien’s new apartment! In this video, Nate will take you on a tour of his minimalist living space. Before we dive into the tour, Nate wants to disclose that some of the links in the description may be affiliate links. This means that he may earn a commission if viewers click through and make a purchase or subscribe. These affiliate commissions help fund videos like the one you are currently watching.

It’s important to note that Nate is not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this video are for entertainment purposes only. Viewers are solely responsible for their own financial decisions. With that being said, let’s take a look at Nate’s journey into minimalism and how he has incorporated it into his apartment.

Nate O’Brien’s Minimalism Journey

Practicing minimalism for a year has had a significant impact on Nate’s life. One of the key changes he made was to his apartment. He wanted to create a space that is functional, practical, and brings him joy. As you walk through his apartment, you’ll notice that he has kept it relatively empty, with a lot of open space. This open layout gives the illusion of more space and provides a calming atmosphere.

Nate invested in a comfortable and durable couch, ensuring that he has a comfortable place to relax after a long day. He learned the hard way that a cheap couch doesn’t last long, so he decided to spend a bit more to ensure a longer lifespan for his furniture.

To make his life easier, Nate introduced a robotic vacuum cleaner named Gary to his apartment. While he initially thought these types of devices were a waste of money, he quickly realized the time-saving benefits. With Gary around, Nate no longer has to worry about cleaning up immediately when he drops something. Instead, Gary takes care of it for him.

Adding Aesthetic Touches to the Apartment

In addition to functionality, Nate wanted to add some aesthetic touches to his minimalist apartment. One way he achieved this was by incorporating plants into his living space. Not only do plants add a pop of color, but they also bring life and vibrancy to the environment. Nate believes that adding plants to any apartment is a great way to create a visually appealing space.

Another personal touch in Nate’s apartment is artwork made by his mom. He proudly displays a painting created by her in the early ’80s, showcasing his admiration for her talent. This painting adds a unique touch to the apartment and serves as a reminder of Nate’s family and their creativity.

To keep his apartment organized, Nate uses a bowl to store his keys and empty his pockets at the end of the day. This small item helps him avoid the frustration of misplacing his keys and keeps everything in one place. Such practical solutions play a significant role in maintaining an organized and clutter-free living space.

Nate’s approach to the kitchen counters reflects his overall minimalistic mindset. He believes in keeping the counters as clear as possible. While he does have appliances, he stores them below or above the counters to maintain a clean and clutter-free surface. This intentional choice helps him avoid the accumulation of unnecessary items and promotes a sense of order in the kitchen.

Nate OBriens New Minimalist Apartment Tour

Nate O’Brien’s Work Setup

As someone who values productivity, Nate understands the importance of having a dedicated workspace. He has a separate room in his apartment specifically for work, ensuring a clear separation between work and leisure. This separation helps him stay focused and productive throughout the day.

To create an ideal work environment, Nate built his own standing desk. Instead of spending a significant amount of money on an expensive desk, he opted to build one himself. With a basic frame and a large surface area, his homemade standing desk offers functionality and cost-saving benefits.

Minimalist Bedroom

Nate extended his minimalistic approach to his bedroom as well. The bedroom is a space for rest and relaxation, so keeping it minimal was crucial. The bedroom is kept clutter-free with only a few essential items. Nate added plants and a lamp to bring a calming and serene ambiance to the room.

By limiting the number of items in the bedroom, Nate reduces decision fatigue and creates a peaceful environment conducive to a good night’s sleep. This intentional curation of his personal space aligns with the principles of minimalism, focusing on quality over quantity.

Nate OBriens New Minimalist Apartment Tour

Minimalist Wardrobe

Nate’s minimalist approach also extends to his wardrobe. He prefers to keep his clothing selection minimal, primarily consisting of black t-shirts and pants. By reducing his wardrobe choices, he avoids decision fatigue and simplifies his daily routine.

Opting for a minimalist wardrobe has various benefits. It saves money, as Nate doesn’t feel the need to constantly update his wardrobe with the latest trends. It also reduces materialism, allowing Nate to focus on what truly matters rather than accumulating unnecessary possessions. This intentional approach to his wardrobe promotes mental clarity and supports his minimalistic lifestyle.

Benefits of Minimalism

Minimalism offers numerous benefits, and Nate has experienced them firsthand throughout his journey. One of the significant advantages is saving money. By practicing minimalism, Nate avoids unnecessary purchases and becomes more mindful of his spending habits. This allows him to allocate his financial resources towards experiences and priorities that truly matter to him.

Minimalism also helps reduce materialism. With a focus on intentional living, Nate has learned to value experiences and relationships over material possessions. This shift in mindset allows him to find fulfillment in areas beyond materialistic desires. By letting go of the attachment to physical items, Nate has discovered a sense of freedom and contentment.

Furthermore, minimalism brings mental clarity. With a decluttered physical space, Nate’s mind feels less overwhelmed and more focused. By eliminating distractions, he can concentrate on what truly matters, be it work, hobbies, or personal growth. A minimalist lifestyle promotes a sense of peace and tranquility within one’s mind.

One practical benefit of minimalism is time-saving cleaning. With fewer items and clutter to clean, Nate can spend less time tidying up and more time doing things he enjoys. This time saved can be invested in activities that bring him joy and fulfillment.

Lastly, minimalism aligns with an environmentally friendly lifestyle. By reducing consumption and waste, Nate is contributing to the preservation of the environment. With a focus on quality over quantity, he extends the lifespan of his belongings and minimizes his carbon footprint.

Nate OBriens New Minimalist Apartment Tour

Future Video Topics

Nate is dedicated to creating valuable content for his viewers. Based on the success of his minimalist apartment tour, he has plans for future videos. Some of the topics he intends to cover include productivity tips and strategies, more videos on minimalism, and personal finance recommendations. Through these videos, Nate aims to inspire and educate his audience on various aspects of life that align with a minimalistic mindset.


Nate O’Brien’s minimalist apartment showcases the principles of intentional living and minimalism. By incorporating functionality, aesthetics, and organization into his living space, Nate has created an environment that brings him joy and promotes mental clarity. Furthermore, his journey into minimalism has led to numerous benefits, including financial savings, reduced materialism, and a greater sense of mental peace. As Nate continues to explore topics related to minimalism, productivity, and personal finance, viewers can expect more valuable content from him in the future.

Nate OBriens New Minimalist Apartment Tour

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